Global Connect

KFSG EQ 2223 2
Ecuador - 2022-23
Exchange Program was conducted between Kalorex Future Schools and ISM International Academy, Ecuador which offered broad benefits and outcomes for students who were keen to embark on this international endeavor. A total of 200 students met online and shared their views on SDGs, Quality Education, Reduced inequalities and Life on land, so important for the current and the next generation. The online exchange program spanned over a period of four months, where students from both schools engaged in various activities and collaborative projects. Through the use of video conferencing tools and online platforms, participants were able to communicate effectively and learn about each other’s cultures.
Nepal - 2022-23
About 100 students from Kalorex Future School and VSSS-Vijaya Samudayik Shiksha Sadan, Nepal exchanged their ideas on Biomass. The power point presentations were organized, where students shared information about their countries.
KFSG NP 2223
KFSG EQ 2122
Ecuador - 2021-22
Kalorex Future Schools and ISM International Academy, Ecuador came together on the online platform for the first time and participated in various collaborative projects. 160 Students were divided into teams and assigned tasks that required them to work together remotely for almost four months. These projects ranged from creating joint presentations on global issues like Objectives of Sustainable development, External trade, Education &Adolescence, to collaborating on digital artwork. This allowed students to develop teamwork, intercultural communication, and problem-solving skills.
Queensland - 2021-22
Kalorex Future School collaborated with Bellbird Park State Secondary College, Queensland and motivated around 60 students to participate in a GLP (Global Learning Program) session based on Water Sustainability. The students got the opportunity to interact with the teachers and fellow students.