About Us

We focus on the current needs and aspirations of a society, and its inherent values.

At Kalorex Future School – Ghatlodia, we strive to foster a global learning environment for our students through our all-inclusive curriculum. A student-focused academic approach makes learning more interactive and participative. We have adopted a professional approach to soft-skills training in order to unravel the hidden potential of each child.

Kalorex is a professionally managed autonomous institution focusing its activities on K-12 education since its inception in 1995. It believes in empowering children to succeed in all spheres of life. In Kalorex Future School we partner with families, the community and businesses to provide all students with equal access to a high quality education in a safe, healthy, challenging and caring environment.

The mission of Kalorex Future School – in partnership with families, the community and businesses – is to provide all our students with equal access to a high quality education in a safe, healthy, challenging and caring environment. Each student is empowered to become an Academic Achiever, a Critical Thinker and an Effective Communicator who interacts cooperatively as a socially responsible citizen in a multicultural and technical world. By exposing each student to a rigorous curriculum in a supportive academic setting, our students are ultimately prepared for college, the workplace and beyond. The school follows CBSE syllabus. Teaching methodology is very unique based on Kalorex Taxonomy. The taxonomy is developed keeping in mind the CCE requirements as well as building strong foundation for futuristic requirements of a Kalorexian.

Service Promise


KFS Philosophy

We believe that knowledge, synergistic knowledge, is power. In today’s collaborative culture, knowledge sharing is encouraged so that collective expertise can be put into context to benefit the society as a whole. With this principle in mind, we conducted a brainstorming session where eminent dignitaries from the education sector as well as other businesses were invited to share ideas, experiences, and insights which helped us evolve the KFS philosophy.

Needless to say, the session was productive and helped us determine the fundamental philosophy of Kalorex Future School.

K-12 Taxonomy

The 4 Theories of Learning – Constructivism, Behaviorism, Cognitivism and Connectivism form the basis of Instructional delivery.

The theories are beautifully woven into the curricula with different approaches like- Conventional, Interdisciplinary, Active and Blended Learning.

The Kalorex Taxonomy beautifully adapts itself to all the new features, compliances and mandates brought out through the National Education Policy (NEP) – 2020.


Within the framework of WORLD

  • W – Workshops and Trainings for Parents, Students & Teachers
  • O – Overall Development – Balance between Academic Performing & Non Performing Arts
  • R – Role of Mentor – Reaching to each child
  • L – Life Skills – Inculcating human Values & innovation Skills
  • D – Doing vs. Rote Learning – Individual Learning Style and 2i, 2t, [2i– innovation and inquiry, 2t– teachers and technology] the student develops People Skills and Goal Setting Skills and adapts to the 21st Century world

ECFS curriculum is designed to fit into the Indian classroom environment with a global touch of curriculum. Mainly – EYFS. Our Curriculum is based upon the national Curriculum of England and is adapted to maximize opportunities which exist in India for an Indian child.

Our Focus: Happy Confident Social Child



Dynamic & Evolving

Academic Excellence

Relentless Repeatability

Living in the Gap

Continuous Learning Mode


My Kalorex, Organization First

Raison d'etre - Humanistic Approach

Sharping Local Learners & Citizens


Accountable Staff

X Factor - Speed with Accuracy

Simple Ideas, Superb Implementation

Message from Principal

It is well said that children are the future and most valued treasure of a strong and prosperous nation. Children to be guided on to discovering their latent talents. It has been the clarion call of the Kalorex Group to provide quality education to all children. I am glad that I have been provided with the honor and I consider it a proud, pompous privilege in being able to provide a platform for the children at Kalorex Future School, Ghatlodia, to achieve their fullest potential.

The core purpose of our school is to lead the children to explore and achieve new passions and be challenged to think creatively to solve local and global issues and make them leaders and trend setters in their respective fields. It will always be our earnest endeavor to involve parents in all happenings of the school because we believe parents are the vital part of our family. They garnished expectations about their children to make them fittest persons in globally connected world. We assure you that we will live up to the expectations.

At Kalorex Future School, Ghatlodia, we provide the best practices from around the world and apply them in Indian perspective. Our teachers are our main resources who are well known in their fields for imparting value and skill based education along with motivating the young minds to go the extra miles.

I invite you all to join hands with Kalorex in not only building a school but indeed a generation of tomorrow.

Ms. Nirali Dagli, Principal, Kalorex Future School (Ghatlodia)